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The month of July is known to be UV Safety Awareness Month, and this is because most of us are gearing up to enjoy the warmer summer days outside! Whether you’re at the pool, beach, lake, going for a walk, or even driving to a cook out- sunscreen is important. 

In support of personal leadership and proactive health, The Integrative Pain Healers Alliance applauds Ms. Suzanne Wheeler of Minneapolis, Minnesota as our Researcher of the Month.  After years of suffering a life-altering disorder that currently continues to challenge the scientific community of its root causes, Suzanne explored “outside the conventional box” of opioid prescriptions until she uncovered the one remarkable solution that got her back on her feet and joining life again.

May has been recognized officially as a month dedicated to Mental Health Awareness and substance use prevention, since 1949. At Vyfy Wellness Club we offer many different science backed therapies that positively affect our moods and mental health!

A few red flags that can indicate you are operating in a stressed state include: fatigue, headaches, trouble sleeping, body aches, increased heart rate, frequent sickness, and even digestion issues. Stress can be an unfortunate side effect of living a busy lifestyle, wearing you down over time.

At Vyfy, PEMF is our bread and butter and if you’re already a member you know what we mean! 

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