Stress Awareness Month

A few red flags that can indicate you are operating in a stressed state include: fatigue, headaches, trouble sleeping, body aches, increased heart rate, frequent sickness, and even digestion issues. Stress can be an unfortunate side effect of living a busy lifestyle, wearing you down over time.

At Vyfy, PEMF is our bread and butter and if you’re already a member you know what we mean! Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy can be used for a multitude of illnesses, including stress. Think of PEMF as a deep tissue massage that rejuvenates on a cellular and mental level. We are confident that we have found something that works and the research is there to back it up.

Research has shown that daily use of PEMF can alter our stress responses by engaging our nervous system, cells, organs, and tissues. Long-term use of PEMF reduces the impulsiveness of our nervous system, which allows our emotional reactions to be more controlled, and in stressful situations we are less reactive.

Instead of reacting to life’s twists and turns, you can respond calmly thanks to PEMF. We suggest adding PEMF to your daily routine, we know you will notice a difference. Vyfy offers at home rentals as well, so you can enjoy the benefits of PEMF from the comfort of your own home. Ask us how today!

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Anxiety relief, better sleep, and skin detox!

Floating in 1,000 lbs of dead sea salt, also known as Float Therapy, has been proven to help aid in better sleep, improvement in physical and mental health, and is also a natural de-stressor. Float Therapy completely shuts off all of your senses and causes your body to dive into a deep meditative state, which is what helps ease anxiety and muscle tension!

Dead sea salt is known for its numerous benefits for the skin, including exfoliation, reducing inflammation, improving skin hydration, and promoting skin cell regeneration. It is also believed to have therapeutic effects on conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Additionally, it contains a variety of essential minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which can be absorbed through the skin during a salt bath or scrub.

Did you know that just by floating for 30 minutes is equivalent to 2 hours of REM sleep and floating for 1 hour is equivalent to 4 hours of REM sleep?! Sleep deprived mamas, this modality is made for you and will completely transform your life!!

Book your float session at VyFy + bring a friend to tandem float for free!


Infrared Sauna Benefits

Are you looking for a way to detox your mind & body in only 30 minutes? Come in and relax in our Infrared Sauna consistently 2-3 days a week to burn up to 500 calories, relieve all stress, reduce any inflammation in your body, improve circulation, and promote natural healing in each session!

At VyFy, we offer a very unique and more effective Infrared Sauna experience than any others around the area. We give you the optimal experience to spread out and get comfortable in both our smaller and larger saunas. We include full body Red Light Panels in each sauna session to help with acne scarring, deeper relaxation, pain relief, and to improve your sleep! Lastly, we have added in Chromotherapy light, which is a holistic healing technique that uses colors to promote physical and emotional health.

A common question most people have is “how is an Infrared Sauna different from a traditional dry sauna?” An Infrared Sauna uses infrared light energy to generate heat, whereas a dry sauna uses traditional heat from a stove or heater. The infrared light energy penetrates deeper into the body, providing a more intense and lower temperature sweat session than a traditional dry sauna.

Schedule your sauna session today + bring a friend to sauna with you for free!